The opportunity is for investors to participate in the provision of Special Disability Accommodation (SDA) through investing as little as $10,000 in a sub-trust, that in turn, owns a NDIS property with a Commonwealth Government supported income stream + *25% share of capital growth in the SDA NDIS property held in the sub-trust.

*Subject to terms and conditions

                     “As an investor you will be investing in “bricks and mortar” with a Commonwealth Government supported rental income stream + 25% share of capital growth in your NDIS property investment”. 

Your investment in this “Impact Investment Space” will assist in the roll out and construction of the government funded Special Disability Accommodation (SDA) program. SDA providers have been approved by the NDIA as registered SDA dwelling provider’s.

Specialist Independent Living providers (SIL), locate the participants in collaboration with the SDA and provide the on-going “on site” 24/7 care services for the participants in their new homes.

The SDA secures the Council Development Approvals, construct the SDA dwelling, through building contracts with independent specialist builders and then have the SDA dwelling NDIS certified for use by people with disabilities as their new home.

Mostly, SIL providers are “not for profit” organizations and do not have the necessary financial resources to “purpose build” Special Disability Accommodation.

ALFAA Management Pty Ltd has formed strategic alliances with SIL providers including – Cootharinga North Queensland – in order to deliver SDA dwellings.

Cootharinga and ALFAA have entered into agreement for ALFAA to deliver, initially, 4 SDA dwellings in 2021. Each of the 4 proposed SDA dwellings are purpose designed and purpose built for people with disabilities.

The Investment Structure Key Features

Who Can Invest?

The opportunity to invest in The Accessible Living For All Australians Unit Trust (ALFAA) is restricted to persons who are considered to be Australian investors and is a small scale offering pursuant to section 708 (1) of the Corporations Act 2001. Subject to this, the Trust is available to all types of investors, including individuals, super funds (SMSF) and family trusts/ companies, as well as professional investors and family offices.

Type Of Investment

The Accessible Living For All Australians Unit Trust (ALFAA) is a special purpose un-registered unit trust, wherein investors have 100% legal interest in one of 4 sub- trusts, with an underlying property asset owned by each Sub-Trust.

Minimum Investment


Investment Returns

Commonwealth Government supported rental income – paid monthly + *25% profit share of capital growth+ Annual CPI increases + 100% underwritten rental income assurance policy

* Special Terms and Conditions apply

The Investment Sub-Trusts

  • Investors are investing in The ALFAA Unit Trust
  • The Investor can elect which Sub-Trust to invest in
  • Each Sub-Trust has a property as an underlying asset
  • Each Sub-Trust will issue units at $1.00 each
  • An investor can elect to buy all the units in a sub-trust OR a portion of units in a sub-trust with a minimum investment of $10,000
  • Trust Investors do not borrow money

Investment Summary

  • Monthly Returns
  • *25% profit share of capital growth
  • CPI increases
  • Zero Vacancy
  • Commonwealth Government supported income stream (NDIS) (NDIA) (SDA)
  • Unit trust structure
  • Minimum investment $10,000
  • Illiquid investment – (limited secondary market)
  • 20-year investment term

*Special Terms and Conditions apply

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